About Zubie

Zubie is a mobile and Internet services company focused on maximizing connected-car capabilities for consumers and businesses. The company, formerly known as GreenLight Connectivity Solutions, was formed in 2012 as a joint venture between leading retailer and Fortune 100 company, Best Buy, and OpenAir Equity Partners, a wireless, Internet and mobility-focused venture capital firm. Zubie is headquartered in Charleston, SC, with offices in the Minneapolis area.

Company Leadership

Tim Kelly

Tim Kelly

Chief Executive Officer


Zubie Chief Executive Officer Tim Kelly has more than 25 years of executive management and marketing experience in technology, mobile and wireless, serving consumers and SMB’s. He most recently served as president and chief executive for Network Solutions, an internet enablement provider serving small businesses and consumers. Kelly led the company through a period of growth and expanding profitability, and in October 2011, drove the successful sale of the company to Web.com.

Prior to Network Solutions, Kelly enjoyed a successful career at Sprint Nextel, as President of the company’s Consumer Division and as Chief Marketing Officer. Kelly was also President of Tickets.com, an Internet-focused live event ticketing company.

Kelly graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s in Marketing, and earned his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Nova Southeast University.

Mark Angelino

Mark Angelino

Senior Vice President, Channel Operations


Mark Angelino, Zubie Senior Vice President, channel operations, most recently served as senior vice president, global distribution at Hewlett Packard Corporation (HP), accountable for sales revenues through HP’s largest strategic partners including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Accenture among others.

Prior to that position, Angelino served as executive vice president at Salesforce.com, where he oversaw the successful adoption of the company’s sales, call center and platform services in North America through a team of post-sales technical professionals.

Angelino served in senior leadership roles at Sprint Nextel including president of sales and distribution, where he managed more than 20,000 points of distribution for the company, and president of Sprint Business. Prior to the Sprint Nextel merger, Angelino held several key positions at Nextel including leadership over all of Nextel’s enterprise sales activities and distribution channels. While in this position, Angelino won the coveted American Business Award as the Top Sales Executive for 2004.

Angelino holds a Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts from Colgate University and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Harvard Business School.

Ari Silkey

Ari Silkey

Chief Technology Officer


Zubie Chief Technology Officer Ari Silkey has more than 15 years of product development experience in the consumer electronics industry. Over the course of his career, Silkey has led the successful development and launch of more than 100 products. He has worked with numerous tier 1 equipment manufacturers and suppliers in the United States and abroad, and has led device development and certification programs with major U.S. service providers.

Silkey has held senior leadership positions at Fortune 500 companies including Best Buy and Leica Geosystems. He has launched a wide range of products and services incorporating a variety of technologies including: Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Bluetooth, WiFi and cellular (2G, 3G and 4G/LTE). His incorporation of cutting-edge technologies, innovative solutions and new business models has had a significant impact on the wireless marketplace.

Silkey holds a Bachelor’s in Economics from Gustavus Adolphus College.

Holly Rapken

Holly Rapken

Chief Financial Officer


Chief Financial Officer Holly Rapken is a seasoned finance executive with 25 years of business experience across multiple industries including wireless and communications, retail, and manufacturing . Before joining Zubie, she spent four years as the CFO and Board Secretary for Zave Networks, Inc., an entity that created and operated an incentive platform linking online and mobile coupon placement with in-store redemption. The company was acquired by Google in September 2011 as part of its Google Wallet initiative.

Prior to Zave, Holly spent 11 years in the finance organization at Sprint, serving in a variety of roles including assistant controller of the wireless unit, director of financial planning and analysis, and vice president of receivables management. In her last role at Sprint, she supported the company’s Southern region, with financial support oversight responsibility for a $10 billion annual revenue stream. Prior to Sprint, she was a CPA in the audit division of Arthur Andersen. Holly graduated with High Distinction from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a BS in Business Administration, Accounting emphasis.

Navin Ganeshan

Navin Ganeshan

Vice President, Product Management


Vice President, Product Management, Navin Ganeshan has more than 20 years of experience bringing consumer and business software products to market. He offers a well-rounded and broad expertise across product strategy, technology and business management.

Ganeshan was most recently chief product and marketing officer at Centrifuge Systems, a venture-backed big-data visualization company focused on financial fraud and risk, and cyber-security applications. He drove the company’s evolution from a government and intelligence community focus to one with broader, more commercial appeal. Prior to that, Ganeshan was the chief product strategist for Network Solutions where he led product portfolio strategy across all lines of business, including new-product development, product evolution and new-markets exploration.

Ganeshan was also a partner with Scientia Technologies, a home automation and control company. That company’s flagship product, Plexus won the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Best of Innovations award in 2003.

Ganeshan received his Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from the University of Guyana, Georgetown, Guyana, and a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering, Digital Systems Design from the University of D.C, Washington, D.C.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zubie?

Zubie is a groundbreaking new platform with the potential to transform virtually every car into a connected car. It combines innovative and useful features for drivers — location, social sharing, driver scoring, car health, diagnostics — with an unmatched ability to generate meaningful analytics around driver, trip and car data to foster revenue opportunities in the auto market and related markets such as insurance, resale and maintenance.

What does Zubie offer customers?

Zubie combines robust connected-car capabilities with an engaging mobile experience. It makes driving fun, safe and social by connecting drivers with each other and with their cars in a unique and simple way. Zubie brings together trip data, driving patterns, and other useful vehicle information to unleash powerful analytics that enhance every part of the vehicle ownership and driving experience.

What are Zubie’s services?

Location Services – connecting and protecting family members, monitoring and alerting based on location geo-fences, and ad-hoc location-sharing

Driving Analytics – dashboards, reports and analytics on driving, trips and car performance, along with helpful comparisons

Social – Share, Compare, Compete based on how you drive and where you go, using Scores, Badges and Leader boards

Vehicle Health – Real-time data on your car, alerts, codes and problems. Suggested repairs and cost, and data to predict future repair costs and true car value

Fleet Management for Micro Business – Driver-scoring for route and fuel efficiency, geo- fencing and dashboards to manage assets/drivers

Zubie connects car owners/drivers with compelling rewards, offers and services such as insurance discounts, maintenance services or even trade-in offers, based on their specific driving or vehicle data.

How do you access Zubie?

Users can quickly and easily access Zubie as a free app from any smartphone and immediately take advantage of its rich Social Location Sharing capabilities.  The Zubie app is available for iPhones 4 and higher, with an Android app following shortly. An easy upgrade to the full Zubie experience via the proprietary Zubie Key automatically unlocks driving analytics, vehicle diagnostics and trip history.

How does Zubie work with third-party markets?

Customers will have the option of sharing their data in exchange for services and discounts from Zubie “ecosystem partners,” consequently creating a robust database of driver and automotive information that can be maximized within auto-related markets, with consumers benefiting from special offers and value.

Is my data kept private?

Yes. Zubie data is kept confidential. Over time, new features and services may be developed that will be attractive to existing Zubie subscribers. Customers will consent whether their data is shared in exchange for new high value features – like automobile service discounts, insurance discounts, etc. Zubie operates on important principles when it comes to privacy.

Security – Customer data is kept secure – powered by the most sophisticated data and services technology out there (Google)

Data Ownership – Customer data always belongs to the customer and the customer only. It is only shared with other parties if the customer wishes to do so (i.e. for an offer or discount) and Zubie will always make it clear who has been authorized.

Privacy – Sharing features such as location groups are private to Zubie and never exposed on facebook or foursquare. Customers may choose to explicitly share certain elements such as achievements but never their location.

Overall – Zubie is actually aimed at improving security and privacy for consumers – by making sharing contracts with other users very explicit and very specific. It is specifically for sharing and coordination in a highly private context.

Why is Zubie different than other connected car devices?

Zubie delivers features that can save consumers money while enabling service providers/third-parties to better target and reach consumers with meaningful, customized offers. It also offers users access to rewards, offers. The secure data-sharing platform allows sharing of driving or vehicle data only with those authorized in return for valuable offers from insurance carriers, auto dealers, service centers or others.

Zubie users can get started with the free phone-based Zubie app, and easily, seamlessly upgrade to the full Zubie experience.

Specific benefits

Plug & Play simplicity – no Bluetooth set-up or special network requirements

Always-on – capturing data from the moment the ignition turns on; not dependent on a phone

Secure sharing – Zubie enables real-time location sharing privately, all controlled by the user.

Cost savings – Zubie’s comprehensive diagnostic capabilities offer insights into how well the car is running and interprets vehicle alerts.

Gaming/social potential in a safe way – compare driving patterns, car performance in a way that is fun, while promoting safe driving.

Shareability for parents and teens – Zubie delivers a simple way for parents to keep track of teens through robust location sharing capabilities, yet also provides a fun way for teens to interact with their peers, comparing driving and vehicle scores, and share location in a secure way.

Where is Zubie available?

Customers can preorder at Zubie.co

Does Zubie offer solutions for businesses?

Zubie will offer car and driving information-based solutions for commercial entities such as businesses with small fleets, insurance carriers for usage-based insurance purposes and others.



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