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October 2013

Help your Teen Drive Safer and Smarter

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Teen DriverDo you remember getting your license? You practice in the car with your parents, take a few drivers ed courses, pass the driving test, and boom- you’re on the road, full speed ahead! Many teens are not exactly road-ready upon completion of driving school and need further coaching. The Zubie™ Key is a great graduation gift for any new driver to help continue the learning after the classes.

With the Zubie™ Key and Zubie™ smartphone app, you can give your son or daughter the tools they need to understand their driving behavior and open the line of communication around their car- where they’re driving, how fast they’re going, where are they experiencing hard brakes, and more.

There are many different ways Zubie makes driving easier, safer and less expensive. Here are a few ideas that to create a positive driving experience for you and your young driver:

  • Set up a Place Alert for locations like home, work, school, etc. to let you know when family arrives and leaves. Great way to eliminate “where r u?” and “on the way” messages and stop texting and driving.
  • Create a group- Teens can create a group based on their interests to make Zubie fun and unique to their lifestyle- try interests such as a Football Team Group, After-School Study, Babysitting, and more!
  • Sign a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement to set guidelines and penalties between you and your new driver- Parent-Teen Driving Agreement example
  • Monitor driving alerts and focus on reducing hard braking and accelerating- so your teen can not only enhance their driving skills, but improve the health of their car! You can even view a trip and see exactly where the hard brakes occurred, where they sped, etc. to make it easy to pinpoint trouble areas.
  • Know your State’s Driving Restrictions for new drivers- From nighttime driving to passenger restrictions, make sure your teen understands they have limits until they gain experience on the road. Here is a list of Graduated Driver Licensing Laws by state.
  • Share your Driving Score and Zubie Badge with family members and friends for a little competition- see who can improve their score the most over a month!

Getting your driver’s license is an exciting time in a person’s life, so make it the best experience possible by creating a plan and being proactive in your teen’s learning. Let us know your ideas for using Zubie to help your teen driver become a smart, safe driver!