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April 2014

National Car Care Month

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April is National Car Care Month and now is the perfect time to show your car some love after the rough winter months! Staying on top of car maintainance is key to improving safety, dependability, and value. Here are some tips from the Zubie Crew on how they take care of their vehicles:

national car care month

“It’s a good time to check fluid levels, air filters, and brakes prior to any summer vacation travel.” -Dean

“The easiest way for me to take care of my car is simply to not crash it. I leave a lot of distance between the car is front of me and my vehicle. This distance increases with our speed and keeps my brakes in better condition. And my Zubie driving score certainly recognizes the value of this easy tip!” -Jack

“I drive a 2007 Land Rover LR3. No one eats inside, and if it gets dirty, it gets washed and detailed. I change the oil when I’m supposed to and hit the recommended service intervals. I have an extended warranty and hope to get at least 150,000 miles out of it.” -Tim

“New wipers for the spring and Rain-X to help the water slide off!” -Julie

“I try to stay on a consistent schedule for changing my oil to keep my engine and turbocharger healthy. Also, based on my New Year’s Resolution, I am more regularly checking the air pressure in my tires and rotating them more often, which decreases uneven wear and helps me get the most out of the lifeline between myself and the road.” -Logan

“I had my windows tinted to keep the interior from fading, as well as keeping the car cooler in the summer.” -Amanda

“Wipe down the inside of your car with an ArmorAll wipe to keep it shiny and get rid of germs- especially areas you touch frequently such as the steering wheel, radio, shift, etc.” -Lauren

“Lighten the load! A few extra pounds can affect your mileage. Look in your trunk and footwells and get rid of unnecessary stuff that you’re chauffeuring around for no good reason.” -Navin

Trip Tagging & Fuel Costs

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You asked, we listened- introducing exciting new features in the Zubie App!

zubie phone app

The mundane task of logging business car mileage and figuring out how much you spend on gas just got easier. You can now classify your trip history and get smarter about what your trips are costing you.

“Having the ability to tag my trips for business will be useful when doing my taxes and expense reports- I drive over 200 miles a day selling real estate, and it will be interesting to see how much I spend on gas.” -Zubie User Greg Greer

Simply click the “Tag” button on a trip your vehicle makes, select your tag (business, personal or other) and we do the rest!

phone trips

Zubie will send monthly reports summarizing trip history with calculated mileage, complete with a tax-filing friendly backup for deducting taxable mileage.

Want to know how much your fuel costs you per trip? Get a new perspective on the financial toll of your daily driving. We combine trip mileage, local gas prices, and your vehicle’s fuel economy to get an accurate estimate.

In the spirit of Tax Day, these new features should take some of the pain away that comes with tracking business expenses throughout the year. We hope you can have some peace of mind knowing Zubie is always working as your personal (driving) assistant to make life a little easier.

Share your ideas and comments with us on the zubie.comunity Page so we can continue to make Zubie better!

Vehicle Tracking for Smart Business

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We are happy to announce Zubie Business, a new service that makes managing drivers & vehicles easier for small business owners.

zubie business portal

 Since the Zubie consumer launch last year, we’ve received an impressive level of interest from small companies wanting to use Zubie. From landscapers, shuttle companies, maid services- you asked, and we listened!

There are many great fleet management systems out there- designed for larger fleets, full of bells & whistles, and a price tag to match. For a business with less than 20 vehicles, these solutions can be complex and just too expensive to justify.

This is where Zubie Business comes in:

  • Features you’ll actually use.
  • No buzzwords or complexity.
  • A price tag you can afford- $12.50/month, including hardware.

Whether you are in the office or on the road, our web portal, iphone and Android apps make it simple to locate your vehicles. You can’t be everywhere at once, but this comes close!

Here are some highlights:

gps tracking


Real-Time GPS Tracking: View a live map of all your vehicles and drivers, and get alerts when vehicles arrive or depart from important locations

driver performance


Driver Performance: Reports including metrics that matter- driver behavior summaries, trip reporting, leaderboards and more- to get your entire team engaged in improvement

 vehicle health

 Vehicle Health: Be alerted to vehicle problems in real-time and save money on gas and repairs by maintaining optimal vehicle performance!

Insights & Analytics:
 Multiple levels of reporting provide a business-level overview, let drivers compare scores and compete, enable weekly performance coaching and make expense and tax reporting easy.

For all small businesses with vehicles and drivers…our car door is open! Hop in for the ride, and let us help your business drive safer, smarter and easier.

Visit our website at for more information!

Dig South 2014

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We’re so excited- Dig South is happening this week! This is the second annual event and marks the first time Zubie will be attending to celebrate innovation, mobilization, and all things tech in our beautiful headquarters of Charleston, SC (aka the Silicon Harbor!)

dig south

Zubie’s own Navin Ganeshan will be speaking about the Connected Car & The New Era of Car Ownership on Thursday, April 10th. Don’t miss his awesome session at Studio C Lecture Room 201 from 2:00 – 2:45 in the TD Arena!

Our talented developers will be competing in the 24-hour HACKCharleston event beginning on Friday, April 11th. Team Zubielicious will be tasked to create a brilliant app for a local non-profit organization- coding with a cause! We wish them luck.

The Zubie Crew will be at Booth 17 on Thursday and Friday, so make sure you stop by and learn about the latest and greatest features. Also, we have a Mario Kart competition- winner receives a pretty cool gift.

See you there!