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June 2014

It’s National Tire Safety Week

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June 2-8 marks National Tire Safety Week, reminding motorists to keep up with regular tire maintenance to increase safety and extend the life of your tires- as well as save money! According to the NHTSA, “tire maintenance alone can extend the average life of a tire by 4,700 miles.”

There are many common driving habits that can affect your tire’s lifespan- rapid accelerating, speeding, hard braking to name a few- which can affect your safety on the road, fuel economy, and more. We took a peek into the driving behavior of Zubie Drivers and found some interesting stats:


Monitoring your hard brakes and rapid accels in the Zubie App is easy- you can view your daily stats and improve your skills over time. This is just one simple way to reduce the wear and tear of your vehicle to give it a long life on the road!

Here are some other tips for keeping your tires in great shape:

  • Check the tread– An obvious method is if the little fuzzy things on your tires (tread indicators) are worn down or missing, but you can always do the old penny trick to see if Lincoln’s head is visible when you place the penny in the tread, face down.
  • Under Pressure– Make sure your PSI (pounds per square inch) is at the proper level for your tire and local weather. Firestone has a handy tool to check your recommended tire pressure here.

And finally- learn how to change a flat tire! Always a good skill to have in case of emergency.