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July 2014

How a college student uses Zubie

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I have had a blast this summer learning and working with the Zubie crew. Not only have they given me an awesome internship experience, but my very own Zubie key…I hope they don’t ask for it back at the end of the summer! I’m going to share with you a few ways in which a college senior like me uses Zubie’s Protect, Detect, and Connect features.

1.) Protect– Zubie’s driver score is slowly but surely helping me develop safer driving habits. My first Zubie score was a 72 and now it’s a 89! Since I know that my driving is being monitored, I am aware of speeding and hard breaking, even though I am the only one who sees this data. It feels good to make good grades even if they are not school related!

2.) Detect– Since I am away from my parents for most of the year I find it helpful that  I can check my engine’s health and get alerts when my battery is running low. I drive a twelve-year-old car and when my check engine light comes on, Zubie translates the engine code into girl code! This feature is really helpful for a college student like myself because it lets me know how severe the problem is and an estimate of how much it would cost to repair…so I can warn my dad.

3.) Connect– My dad and I have this constant struggle where I can never remember to call him when I depart or arrive on car trips alone or with my girlfriends. Zubie has got my back in this battle and my dad’s too, I guess. Thanks to Zubie’s live GPS tracker, my dad can see when I depart and arrive at my destinations. He no longer has to sit, wait, and stew by the phone if I don’t call at my projected ETA.

-Sally Harrison, Zubie Marketing Intern