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August 2014

Listen up, Teens- Use Connected Cars to Your Advantage

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It earns you TRUST and R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Embrace the location tracking of “your car” that your likely parents bought you.  If you are driving somewhere that you don’t want your parent to know about, ask yourself “Should I be going there at all?” Be smart and use this easy equation: Tell the Truth + Prove it = Earn Trust. To increase your trust immensely, prove to your parents that they are lucky to have a teen like you! Once they know this (even though you have been telling them this all along,) you will be allowed to go more places! Mom and Dad may even slip you a little extra gas money.

Budget your precious allowance and SAVE some of it! Teens have tight budgets. Aside from holiday and birthday money, bussing tables for minimum wage is not all that it’s cracked up to be! Zubie will tell you how much of your hard earned money goes to gas, and whether or not you want to spend a little extra when taking another loop around the block on report card day.

Know where your posse is at ALL times. Are Dave and Ali getting froyo without you…again? Is mom stuck in line at the grocery store? With the help of Facebook, you can create groups in the Zubie App with friends and family. The location services can track your ride to school when you’re carpooling or  let you know when your mom is close to home- so you can clean your room!

Make an easy A your parents can take to the BANK. Taking your report card home is only fun when you make all A’s, but get real…you live a stressful life by playing a varsity sport, acting in the school play and managing all of your buzzing social media accounts! Zubie monitors your speeding, rapid acceleration, hard breaking, idle time and night driving to give you a driver score out of 100. You can earn an easy A with Zubie that your parents can take to bank! Lower your new driver insurance and create good habits early…just don’t tell them you learned the bad habits from them!

Prevent parental “I told you…” Nobody likes to hear, “I told you so,” especially from their parents. Zubie’s car diagnostics and battery monitoring have got your back! An alert will tell you when your battery is running low because of your pre-tardy bell jam session in the parking lot and why your check engine light keeps coming on-  because that’s really annoying, right? Make sure that your most prized possession doesn’t get you stranded.

-Sally Harrison, Zubie Marketing Intern

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