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December 2014

Introducing Zubie Perks

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We’re thrilled to announce our latest program- Zubie Perks! Drivers can now earn discounts and offers on car ownership, right in the Zubie app. A study by AAA found that the average driver spent over $9,000 on their vehicle in 2013- and the costs are only increasing. From car insurance, oil changes, roadside service, car warranty, and more, driving just got less expensive.

Car needing an oil change? Simply venture to the Perks section in the Zubie App main menu, click on the offer from Goodyear, and redeem instantly in the app. Want to lower your car insurance rates? Safe driving habits can make you eligible for an offer from Progressive.

Zubie Perks is totally optional and you can opt-out at any time- visit the Zubie Help site for more information on the program.

This is just the start of saving money by driving a connected car. We hope to add more savings from our partners to help Zubie drivers with all of their car ownership needs. Let us know what types of Perks you’d like to see in the Zubie App! Share your ideas in the zubie.comunity and on social media!

Safe driving from the entire Zubie Team!

Common ways to increase gas mileage using your driving data

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The average American spends more than an hour ‘on the road’ every day, with millions upon millions of miles being driven every year by the nation’s passenger automobiles. Whether you use your car for commuting, picking the kids up from school, or for running errands around town, your car is costing you time and money.  With just a few small modifications to your driving habits and the routes that you choose to drive, you could save hundreds of dollars a year – and you could shave several minutes off of your commute each day.

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As gas prices continue to fall, increasing the MPG of your car might not be on the forefront of your mind – but this is as good a time as ever to practice efficient driving habits that can prolong the life of your car while helping your wallet and the environment. With Zubie, you put yourself in the “driver’s seat” of your automobile-use patterns – giving yourself all of the data that you need to modify your behavior for the better.

There are a number of ways that you can increase your overall mileage through simple changes to your driving habits.

  • Try to minimize your use of rapid acceleration.  Slamming your foot on the gas to be the first out of stoplights might be enjoyable, but it also wastes tons of gas and is unsafe.
  • Use your cruise control! When you are driving on the interstate, cruise control is a great way to ensure that your car isn’t expending gas unnecessarily – and it also avoids traffic tickets by keeping you under the speed limit. The only exception to this rule is when you are driving in areas with major elevation changes – since cruise control does not deal with hills very well.
  • Zubie monitors traffic patterns during your daily commute to determine the best time to leave your home or workplace for your drive. This allows you to make small adjustments in your schedule to save time and gas – and it can help you optimize your routine so you are only on the road when traffic is at its lightest. For example, shifting your work day from the typical “9 to 5” just one hour earlier can reduce traffic as much as 75% in some parts of the country – allowing you to spend more time at home instead of stuck in gridlock.

Do you have an easy trick you use to increase your gas mileage? Let us know in the comments section. Drive safe!

5 Reasons To Connect Your Car This Holiday Season

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Reason 1 – Because getting stuck in the cold is the worst
Over 52% of car breakdowns are due to a dead or faulty battery- and winter is the most common time of year for a battery issue.  Your vehicle’s battery loses 33% of its power when the temps dips below freezing, and over 50% of its power when it falls below zero. Having a connected car can let you monitor battery voltage so you can avoid being stuck in cold weather.


Reason 2 – Better driving habits means better fuel economy
Gas prices are the lowest they’ve been in 5 years, and you may be one of the millions taking a road trip this holiday season. Connected devices can help you understand your fuel consumption and driving habits to help you increase fuel economy and spend less on gas.


Reason 3 – Coordinate travel to all of your holiday destinations
Connecting your car can help you see where your friends and family are on the road, making carpooling a breeze and giving you peace of mind that they’re on their way safely to their holiday destination.


Reason 4 – Big savings on car stuff
Some connected car solution are beginning to offer discounts and rewards based on your driving activity and usage – you can save on everything from car parts and repair, to insurance and car warranty. Cashing in on one or two of these could end up paying for the cost of the connected car solution alone.


Reason 5 – Because you car deserves some holiday love
Your car takes you thousands of miles a year through rain, sleet, sun and hail – why not reward it with something that keeps it doing the same for years to come? Connected car solutions like Zubie are the perfect gift for any driver who wants the information they need to keep the wear and tear of their favorite vehicle in check this season!

Product Update – Perks & App Improvements

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The latest version of Zubie app is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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Zubie users now have access to exclusive money-saving offers on car insurance, repair, warranty, towing and other services.

  • Have a low battery alert?  Take advantage of the Sears DieHard Battery discount.
  • Need a tow?  Check out the 15% discount for Roadside Assistance.
  • Worried about the cost of maintenance?  Get an exclusive $100 discount on extended vehicle protection from Carchex.
  • Want to save on car insurance?  Qualifying drivers will receive offers to apply for discounted insurance from Progressive.

Check out these and other great offers in the Perks section by going to Menu > Perks in the Zubie App.  More to come in a future blog post about Perks!

A Better Live Map

LiveMapMany Zubie users live in the Live Map for location tracking, reviewing trip history and monitoring car health.  We’ve made a few changes that make location tracking even easier:

  • Motion Indicators: Vehicle icons now indicate if a car is moving, and what direction.
  • Add Places: Quickly add a place right from the Live Map, based on the location of a car or person.
  • Get Directions: Quickly navigate to the current location of a car or person.
  • Vehicle Health Profile: See the full picture of your vehicle’s health right in the Live Map – battery status, diagnostic codes and self-test results.  No need to go to another screen to view your health results.
  • Vehicle Address: If you track locations for both phones and cars, you’ll see the latest address for both.


A Better Setup Process

Getting connected to your car should be easy – and fun!  The new app streamlines the process for setting up your account, activating a Zubie Key and customizing details about your car- and watch our new Getting Started video.

Give your car icon some personality with a customized photo.  Not seeing fuel costs in the system?  Customize your fuel economy settings to calculate accurate fuel costs.

We hope this new release makes the connected car experience easier & less expensive for all Zubie customers!