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March 2015

Zubie to Connect Cars Sold by U.S. Retailer AutoNation

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IFTTT – Connect Zubie to your World

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Since we launched our service, we have been consistently amazed at the ingenuity of our customers in how they put Zubie to use. From staying connected with aging drivers, encouraging your teenager to drive safely, or maintaining a history of your business vehicle activity, there are more meaningful ways to benefit from connected car capabilities than we ever could have imagined.

Starting today, Zubie is integrated with IFTTT!

If This Then That is a web service that allows you to connect and unify all of your connected devices, social channels and numerous others applications. This allows you to use Zubie data and events in ways that that are limited only by your creativity. For example, you can turn up your Nest thermostat as you leave work to come home to a warm house. You can maintain a Google spreadsheet of all your trip data. If you operate a food truck, you can broadcast your location on Facebook, twitter or your website automatically when you park. You can even receive driving alerts via a voice phone call.

Now you can really connect Zubie to the rest of the world, and your connected life.

How do I activate IFTTT

  • IFTTT is a free service that you can sign up for, at
  • Once you have registered, you can activate different channels for various online services that you may already be using, such as Gmail or Nest. There are channels for just about every service you may want to use, including ones for voice calls, text messages and weather. When you activate the Zubie channel, you will need to authenticate using your normal Zubie account.
  • Then you use a recipe to track something and perform an action when that occurs. You can choose from existing recipes or create your own. Each recipe consists of an “IF” part and a “THEN” part.  You can mix and match however you need to create really useful integrations.

What Events Can I Track

We are starting you off with a treasure-trove of useful events and information, and we will be adding more events as well as the ability to make changes to Zubie based on outside events (called Actions in IFTTT).

  • Arrivals and departures
  • Trip Start
  • Trip Completed
  • Check Engine light
  • Low Battery
  • Out of Range Alert
  • Long Distance Trip
  • Driving alerts – speeding, acceleration, braking
  • Fuel Level and Status (coming soon)


We have created some great recipes that you can start using right away. Feel free to customize or create new recipes all your own- and be sure to tell us about them on our  Community forum.


IFTTT Recipe: Record trip activity to a Google spreadsheet connects zubie to google-driveIFTTT Recipe: If vehicle is driven during curfew hours, call my phone with a message connects zubie to phone-call

IFTTT Recipe: Close the garage door when you leave home connects zubie to garageioIFTTT Recipe: Maintain a Tumblr journal with maps, as you travel connects zubie to tumblr

IFTTT Recipe: If I am on vacation, then adjust my Nest thermostat to save money connects zubie to nest-thermostat
IFTTT Recipe: Update the Odometer in my Numerous Dashboard connects zubie to numerousIFTTT Recipe: Remind me to call for service when my car has a problem connects zubie to ios-reminders
IFTTT Recipe: Announce your vehicle's arrival connects zubie to ubiIFTTT Recipe: When my car has a problem, email me the details  connects zubie to email
IFTTT Recipe: Text me if car's battery is critically low connects zubie to smsIFTTT Recipe: When I park, update my Facebook page to indicate my current location connects zubie to facebook