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July 2015

Introducing Web View 2.0

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We are excited to announce the release of Web View 2.0, Zubie’s web app for connected cars. For businesses and families alike, the new interface makes it even easier to keep connected to your vehicles.

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So what’s new?

Live Map Layout

We revamped the layout of Live Map, making it really easy to see the status of all of your vehicles in one spot.  You can easily drill into the details for one vehicle, or see your entire armada in the new full screen view.  Live Map smartly refreshes in the background.  We have some Zubie Business customers who put Live Map on a flat screen in their office for everyone to see!


Map Tools

Interact with the Live Map, just like you would with Google Maps.

  • Right click to lookup an address, and easily add a new Place to set a geofence.
  • Toggle Satellite and Traffic layers.
  • Toggle Places layer, so you can easily see vehicle locations in the context of offices, home, or business locations.


Sexier Design

Can a website really be sexy?  We’d like to think so.  Based on beta testing, she’s at least got game.


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