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April 2016

Alexa Meets Zubie

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You know this morning routine.   You’re running late,  gulp down your cereal, grab your travel mug and race out to the garage only to find your car gone, but your spouse’s car curiously still sitting there.  Your suspicions are confirmed as you get in and see that ominous glow of low-fuel light.  You’ve just lost the “Fill-up War.”

To help alleviate this scenario and other marital woes, Zubie is now integrated with Amazon Echo, which means that many questions about your car can be asked and answered by voice, while still at home.

Alexa, Ask Zubie where’s the Honda?
Alexa, ask Zubie when did the Toyota leave?
Alexa, ask Zubie when did the Honda arrive?
Alexa, ask Zubie where is my car?

And of course, the all-important question that might make your morning a little easier.
Alexa, Ask Zubie how much fuel does my Honda have?

Setting it up

Setting up Zubie to work with Alexa is simple.   Zubie exists as a “Skill” within Alexa.   From the settings menu of the Alexa app, select Skills and search for Zubie.   Enter your Zubie login information and you’re all set!   You can start by learning about all the things you can ask Alexa about Zubie.

Alexa, Ask Zubie Help



One more thing that will make your dialogue with Alexa easier.   Since Alexa relies the nickname you defined within Zubie to identify the right car, it helps greatly to use a single word for your car’s name.   So, if you have “2013 Honda“, simply change that within Zubie to “Honda”.   This makes Alexa’s life, and yours, a lot easier.

Have fun with Alexa and Zubie!