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Zubie Announces New Equipment Tracking Product in One-Stop-Shop Monitoring Experience

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Zubie Asset Trak Geolocates Equipment and Assets, Viewable Alongside Fleet Vehicles on Zubie’s Web Portal

October 6, 2020, Bloomington, MNZubie, a leading connected-car platform and telematics software provider, today announced the launch of Zubie Asset Trak, a GPS device designed to track equipment and assets such as trailers, containers, industrial lawn mowers, and UTVs. Asset Trak is a powerful complement to Zubie Fleet Connect and the full range of vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions enabling customers to manage all of their vehicle and equipment tracking in a single place. Operation Managers, especially those in the construction, utilities, agricultural, landscaping, and heavy transportation, often have to keep track of assets moving around from job-site to job-site, and Zubie Asset Trak gives them the ability to do so, and receive alerts when the asset moves outside of any custom geofenced boundary the user sets up. Additionally, with using Zubie Location Link, the asset’s location can be shared with a third party such as the police, helping assist in recovery of the asset.

“We knew any tracking solution we implemented needed to not just track an asset, but aid in recovery, and with Zubie Asset Trak, we have that solution,” said Zubie CEO Gary Tucker.”Everything we do revolves around the principle of making a fleet manager’s job simpler, giving them the ability to track their assets alongside their vehicles in one simple-to-use platform was critical to our implementation.”
Smaller than a deck of playing cards, Zubie Asset Trak’s low-profile form makes it simple to hide, and the magnetic mounting plate makes installation simple to perform by a non-technical employee. The device is waterproof and features up to a year of battery life under normal usage conditions, wirelessly rechargeable in less than four hours.

About Zubie

Since 2012, Zubie’s connected-car SaaS platform has helped business, rental, and loaner fleet managers protect their assets and optimize their business. Zubie makes fleet management simple – simple to install, simple to use, and simple to improve business operations.

Headquartered in Bloomington, MN, Zubie has been awarded “Best Insurance Telematics Product” and “Best OBDII Device with Software and Services” and has been named one of Minnesota’s “Best Tech Startups” three years running.

Put your mobile workers in the driver seat

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We are excited to introduce Zubie Crew, a brand new FREE Mobile App for your drivers included in our Zubie Business solution.  It’s designed to help you improve your fleet’s performance – from the ground up.

Zubie Crew helps drivers see the results of their behavior – every day and even every trip – to become safer and more efficient.  We suggest customers use the Zubie Crew app along with the Leaderboard or Driver Scorecard Reports to understand trends on a weekly or monthly basis.

Drivers will have access to only their own driving data including:

  • A Driver Scorecard including metrics like idle time, speeding and hard brakes
  • Post-Trip Alerts with driving stats, events and detailed map
  • Alerts about Engine, Battery or Low Fuel problems
  • Directions to their vehicle’s current location

To learn more about Zubie Business, visit us at  To learn more about setting up the Zubie Crew app, check out this Help Center article or contact us with any questions!

Activity Insights – New Zubie Business Features

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We are excited to announce new Zubie Business features available today, aimed to help companies deliver better service to their customers.

Insights into Customer Visits

Zubie now collects and analyzes visit activity for saved Places.  Zubie tracks any activity inside of a place’s geofence – whether the vehicle stopped or not.

Do these customer inquiries sound familiar?

  • When did your driver actually show up last week?
  • How many times did you come here last month?
  • Can you give me a report on how much time your company spent at my stores?

For ad-hoc lookups…customers can use our Live Map to search a Place lookup recent activity.

For historical insights and a fleet-wide perspective…customers can use the new Stats by Place Dashboard. The dashboard can be used to generate a proof of service report for your customers, including visit details like the visit date/time, driver, duration for the last year.

Customers can also sign up for a scheduled weekly or monthly report that summarizes activity for the top places.  Learn more about this (and other ways to use the Dashboard) in our Product Guide.

Segment your Fleet using Vehicle and Driver Tags

For larger (or growing) businesses, the new Vehicle and Driver Tags are a powerful way to break down a fleet into groups.  Tags can be used throughout Zubie – to filter what vehicles are monitored in Live Map, or to analyze fleet performance in the Dashboard.

Possible scenarios for tags:

  • Grouping vehicles by office or location
  • Grouping by vehicle purpose…sales vs. delivery
  • Assigning vehicles to dispatchers
  • Flagging “high risk” drivers
  • Or whatever unique requirements you might have for your business

Learn more in our Help Center on setting up and using tags.

Alexa Meets Zubie

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You know this morning routine.   You’re running late,  gulp down your cereal, grab your travel mug and race out to the garage only to find your car gone, but your spouse’s car curiously still sitting there.  Your suspicions are confirmed as you get in and see that ominous glow of low-fuel light.  You’ve just lost the “Fill-up War.”

To help alleviate this scenario and other marital woes, Zubie is now integrated with Amazon Echo, which means that many questions about your car can be asked and answered by voice, while still at home.

Alexa, Ask Zubie where’s the Honda?
Alexa, ask Zubie when did the Toyota leave?
Alexa, ask Zubie when did the Honda arrive?
Alexa, ask Zubie where is my car?

And of course, the all-important question that might make your morning a little easier.
Alexa, Ask Zubie how much fuel does my Honda have?

Setting it up

Setting up Zubie to work with Alexa is simple.   Zubie exists as a “Skill” within Alexa.   From the settings menu of the Alexa app, select Skills and search for Zubie.   Enter your Zubie login information and you’re all set!   You can start by learning about all the things you can ask Alexa about Zubie.

Alexa, Ask Zubie Help



One more thing that will make your dialogue with Alexa easier.   Since Alexa relies the nickname you defined within Zubie to identify the right car, it helps greatly to use a single word for your car’s name.   So, if you have “2013 Honda“, simply change that within Zubie to “Honda”.   This makes Alexa’s life, and yours, a lot easier.

Have fun with Alexa and Zubie!

New Features in February for Zubie Business

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It’s always a great day when we can announce new Zubie Business features.  We don’t want to pick favorites, but we have always had a soft spot for our “Zubie Biz” customers; they are amazing, creative and never hesitate to tell us how we can improve our services.  And today, we hope we’ll make them a little happier with our new workflow features.

First, as backdrop, when we launched  Zubie Business as a discrete service, our goal was to simplify life for small businesses that involved vehicles and drivers.  Legacy  fleet management solutions on the market were expensive, hard to install and hard to learn, and were bloated with features that simply didn’t matter to small businesses.  We provided ease-of-installation and ease-of-use at an unbeatable price.

Over time, many of our customers have made Zubie an integral part of their operations, and use it daily to track and manage vehicles and drivers. Increasingly, they have expressed a need to take it a step further to help coordinate tasks and driver activity.

New features in this month’s release help dispatchers and drivers stay more productive…and ultimately keep customers happier.  All while keeping our experience just as easy to use as ever.

Dispatch helps businesses find the right driver for the job.  It’s as simple as typing in an address or clicking on the Live Map to find the closest vehicles.  Zubie integrates with Google Maps to get actual driving times based on traffic conditions, and driving directions that can be sent to drivers. Now dispatchers can confidently send the right driver to a customer or job.

Off Hour Usage notifications will alert admins about unauthorized vehicle use…no more weekend joy rides!

All of these improvements come included in the Zubie Business service.  Look out for more exciting features coming soon!

Zubie Awarded: BEST OBD-II Device with Software and Services

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Thank you Auto Connected Car News for nominating and awarding Zubie with the Tech CARS Award for Best OBD-II Device with Software and Services.

Not only do we want to thank everyone who voted for us, but also our loyal  Zubie users. This past year was a fun and exciting ride filled with useful updates and new product releases. We worked really hard to rev up the  Zubie App and Web View for our users, launched the Zubie App Store with partners like and Expensify, integrated with IFTTT (If This Then That) and Fleetio, and partnered with the nation’s fastest and most reliable network provider, Verizon Wireless, to launch Zubie + In-Car WiFi.  Recently our team launched a set of Maintenance Reminders and we’ve got much much more in store for you in 2016!

As always, thanks for riding with Zubie and happy connecting.

Check out the full article on Auto Connected Car News.

Maintenance Made Easier

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For the longest time, we have all been driving expensive and complex pieces of machinery with relatively little help in understanding how to get the most of our driving experience or investment. Our perennial goal at Zubie has been to change that. We started with a focus on safety with features such as location tracking, diagnostics and driving alerts. And then we broadened our feature-set to encompass convenience, by enabling connections to hundreds of other apps, more insights such as speed limits, and opportunities to save money.

But it was always apparent that a major area of pain for most car owners was managing ongoing maintenance –  scheduling oil changes, tracking brake service and tire rotations. Do you remember your last oil service? Or when your tires need to be rotated? Are you waiting to get that reminder card in the mail from your dealer?  In an era of apps and on-demand everything, we think you deserve better.

Zubie Maintenance reminders track your car’s essential service needs and remind you when they are due. Pretty simple, right? Since Zubie is already aware of your mileage, activity and driving habits, the reminders are smarter and perfectly timed to your exact driving needs.  Interactive reminders allow you to flag completed tasks without turning it into a chore.   A service diary tracks all your maintenance in case its needed for reference, such as when you sell your car.  And coming soon, you will be able to find and schedule a maintenance appointment with your dealership with just a few clicks.

IMG_0883[1] product-phone-6

Zubie Maintenance is available now on Zubie iOS and Web View, and coming in January for Android!  In the coming weeks, look for more information and reminders related to maintenance, and very shortly some exciting new features that allow you to connect directly with your service center.

Wait Happy With In-Car WiFi

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You don’t have to tell us! We already know that Zubie + In-Car WiFi outshines other mobile hotspots.

Check out this cool story from COO, Prag Shah, and his recent In-Car WiFi experience:

“Yesterday, I pulled into a Thai restaurant to pick up dinner for me and the family. I was waiting inside for a few minutes and wanted to check Facebook etc.  To save my phone’s battery I looked for the restaurant’s WiFi. Low and behold…I was still connected with ZUBIE WIFI! While well inside the building, with my car parked and powered off in a lot across the street, and with full 4 bars of WiFi  signal. The best part is that I forgot I even had it since I was driving my wife’s car which has our Zubie + In-Car WiFi Key in it.  Totally blew me away!

At the same time my wife sent me a text message: ‘I see from Zubie you are the restaurant. How much longer?’

The range of In-Car WiFi and the speed of location tracking rocked!”

Share your Zubie + In-Car WiFi story with us on our Facebook page, tweet us @GoZubie, or use #ZubieInCarWiFi.


We’re Headed To Chicago!

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Join the Zubie team at Insurance Telematics USA 2015!
The Zubie product and technology team is excited to showcase our Global UBI solution at this premier industry event. Named The Best Insurance Telematics Product of 2015 at the TU Automotive Awards in Detroit, Zubie is a leading provider of sophisticated driver scoring, analytics, and custom UBI solutions that help top-tier insurance providers acquire and retain customers.
Zubie conference highlights:

  • UBI Customer Acquisition panel discussion with Chief Technology Officer, Ari Silkey
  • Demos of our unparalleled driver scoring analytics and UBI solutions
  • Preview of our soon-to-be-released suite of contextual analytics capabilities equipping insurers with powerful context-based insights for driver profiling and UBI purposes:
    • PlaceMatch uses driving patterns to automatically identify frequent destinations that are meaningful in the context of daily driving
    • DriverMatch intelligently infers the likely driver for each trip in a multi-car, multi-driver family or small business fleet
    • Embedded posted speed limits for individual roads and visual summary in the form of major or minor speeding alerts

Join Ari Silkey and Navin Ganeshan (VP of Product) along with other members of the Zubie Team to check out these exciting new features and solutions.

Introducing Web View 2.0

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We are excited to announce the release of Web View 2.0, Zubie’s web app for connected cars. For businesses and families alike, the new interface makes it even easier to keep connected to your vehicles.

Login to your account at

So what’s new?

Live Map Layout

We revamped the layout of Live Map, making it really easy to see the status of all of your vehicles in one spot.  You can easily drill into the details for one vehicle, or see your entire armada in the new full screen view.  Live Map smartly refreshes in the background.  We have some Zubie Business customers who put Live Map on a flat screen in their office for everyone to see!


Map Tools

Interact with the Live Map, just like you would with Google Maps.

  • Right click to lookup an address, and easily add a new Place to set a geofence.
  • Toggle Satellite and Traffic layers.
  • Toggle Places layer, so you can easily see vehicle locations in the context of offices, home, or business locations.


Sexier Design

Can a website really be sexy?  We’d like to think so.  Based on beta testing, she’s at least got game.


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