Zubie Team Spotlight: How I Zubie by Adrienne

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Many years ago Steve Jobs was quoted as saying “people don’t know what they want until you show it to them,” and this couldn’t be truer with my Zubie device.  As the Operations Analyst for Zubie I’ve found this device to be a huge benefit in my life.  At first I didn’t know what to expect, but I remained opened minded, and boy was I surprised.

Protecting my family:

As a first-time mom, I’m super concerned with every detail of my daughter’s life including her comings and goings.  And since my fiancé and I share a car with her car seat in it, I’m able to see where my fiancé and daughter are at any given time with my Zubie App.  In addition to being able to see their location, I’m able to set up location notifications so if my fiancé takes her some place outside of our home I’ll get a notification which lets me know “Now may not be a good time to call him.”  I’m that over protected mom that doesn’t want him texting, calling, or doing anything but focusing on his driving with our bundle of joy in the backseat.

Early detection:

In addition to all these great features, it’s like we now have our own personal mechanic right at our finger tips.  It’s great to be able to log into the App and see the health of our car.  This is one less thing I have to worry or remind myself about.  Now our Zubie app does it for me.

Making my life easier:

I never thought in a million years that I would be using a device such as Zubie to connect me to my everyday life.  I can easily see the benefits of this product for companies to use, but personally I couldn’t conceive of it until now.  Now I don’t think I could live without my Zubie.  As the company continues to grow and add more features I’m looking forward to seeing how much more I can connect to make my life to make things just a little bit easier for me.  And for me the cost is PRICELESS for all the security and comfort I’m getting by having Zubie in our lives.

-Adrienne with the Zubie Support Team

How a college student uses Zubie

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Sally photo

I have had a blast this summer learning and working with the Zubie crew. Not only have they given me an awesome internship experience, but my very own Zubie key…I hope they don’t ask for it back at the end of the summer! I’m going to share with you a few ways in which a college senior like me uses Zubie’s Protect, Detect, and Connect features.

1.) Protect– Zubie’s driver score is slowly but surely helping me develop safer driving habits. My first Zubie score was a 72 and now it’s a 89! Since I know that my driving is being monitored, I am aware of speeding and hard breaking, even though I am the only one who sees this data. It feels good to make good grades even if they are not school related!

2.) Detect– Since I am away from my parents for most of the year I find it helpful that  I can check my engine’s health and get alerts when my battery is running low. I drive a twelve-year-old car and when my check engine light comes on, Zubie translates the engine code into girl code! This feature is really helpful for a college student like myself because it lets me know how severe the problem is and an estimate of how much it would cost to repair…so I can warn my dad.

3.) Connect– My dad and I have this constant struggle where I can never remember to call him when I depart or arrive on car trips alone or with my girlfriends. Zubie has got my back in this battle and my dad’s too, I guess. Thanks to Zubie’s live GPS tracker, my dad can see when I depart and arrive at my destinations. He no longer has to sit, wait, and stew by the phone if I don’t call at my projected ETA.

-Sally Harrison, Zubie Marketing Intern

Car Shopping- Smarter with Zubie

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volvo car

My wife and I recently and reluctantly agreed that our sedan is a bit too crowded for our family. It’s just not fair to our spine or our baby’s head that unnatural body contortions and olympic-style gymnastics are required to put our child in his carseat. He’s 2 years old now and a growing boy needs his room! At any rate, since our wife and I have shared a car for the last couple of years, we decided to add another vehicle to our family.

After some research, we decided on a particular set of vehicles to test drive that we believed would be fit for the clan. My wife and I approached both a private party seller and a dealer for test drives. Also along for the ride is the Zubie key and app. For each of our test drives, the key was plugged in to analyze the vehicle’s systems for any reported issues and also gather the True Market Value from one of our data partners,


Whoa! For one of the vehicles, Zubie reported an issue that was not being reported by the car’s check engine light. Good catch! The other two vehicles did not report any issues.

app screenshot

After analyzing the data from each of the test drives, we pursued a vehicle of interest for negotiations. Using the estimated market value, I kept this in my back pocket for working out a workable price for a sale. We walked away saving money and the benefit of knowing the car was not reporting any issues.


#Zubiemom Contest Winners!

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Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you to all who entered our #zubiemom contest!

We had some fantastic entries and have selected seven wonderful Moms that will receive a free Zubie Key.  These women deserve the world!!

Read the winning tweets below:

twitter user 5twitter user 7

twitter user 4

twitter user 3

twitter user 6


twitter user 2

National Car Care Month

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April is National Car Care Month and now is the perfect time to show your car some love after the rough winter months! Staying on top of car maintainance is key to improving safety, dependability, and value. Here are some tips from the Zubie Crew on how they take care of their vehicles:

national car care month

“It’s a good time to check fluid levels, air filters, and brakes prior to any summer vacation travel.” -Dean

“The easiest way for me to take care of my car is simply to not crash it. I leave a lot of distance between the car is front of me and my vehicle. This distance increases with our speed and keeps my brakes in better condition. And my Zubie driving score certainly recognizes the value of this easy tip!” -Jack

“I drive a 2007 Land Rover LR3. No one eats inside, and if it gets dirty, it gets washed and detailed. I change the oil when I’m supposed to and hit the recommended service intervals. I have an extended warranty and hope to get at least 150,000 miles out of it.” -Tim

“New wipers for the spring and Rain-X to help the water slide off!” -Julie

“I try to stay on a consistent schedule for changing my oil to keep my engine and turbocharger healthy. Also, based on my New Year’s Resolution, I am more regularly checking the air pressure in my tires and rotating them more often, which decreases uneven wear and helps me get the most out of the lifeline between myself and the road.” -Logan

“I had my windows tinted to keep the interior from fading, as well as keeping the car cooler in the summer.” -Amanda

“Wipe down the inside of your car with an ArmorAll wipe to keep it shiny and get rid of germs- especially areas you touch frequently such as the steering wheel, radio, shift, etc.” -Lauren

“Lighten the load! A few extra pounds can affect your mileage. Look in your trunk and footwells and get rid of unnecessary stuff that you’re chauffeuring around for no good reason.” -Navin

Dig South 2014

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We’re so excited- Dig South is happening this week! This is the second annual event and marks the first time Zubie will be attending to celebrate innovation, mobilization, and all things tech in our beautiful headquarters of Charleston, SC (aka the Silicon Harbor!)

dig south

Zubie’s own Navin Ganeshan will be speaking about the Connected Car & The New Era of Car Ownership on Thursday, April 10th. Don’t miss his awesome session at Studio C Lecture Room 201 from 2:00 – 2:45 in the TD Arena!

Our talented developers will be competing in the 24-hour HACKCharleston event beginning on Friday, April 11th. Team Zubielicious will be tasked to create a brilliant app for a local non-profit organization- coding with a cause! We wish them luck.

The Zubie Crew will be at Booth 17 on Thursday and Friday, so make sure you stop by and learn about the latest and greatest features. Also, we have a Mario Kart competition- winner receives a pretty cool gift.

See you there!

Zubie Team Spolight: How I Zubie by Logan

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loganI’m a guy who appreciates simple things: a perfect espresso with delicious crema, new words from my 2 year old and when technology makes my life easier. I’m the guy who would spend an inordinate amount of time upfront crafting an overly complex array formula in spreadsheet software of choice to save me three steps the next time I’m using it. I appreciate autonomy for the mundane events in my life. Fortunately, Zubie offers the joys of rule-based automation without the fuss of spending hours in a spreadsheet to retrieve a single value for that TPS report.

My wife and I share a vehicle, so while Zubie can’t (yet) coordinate my travel schedule ahead of time with my better half, but it can alert me to the status of my ride. Since my wife usually has the car for the day, I’ve learned to really appreciate the place notifications (among other great features such as vehicle health and trip metrics) for our situation. To save her the headache of waiting in the car with a screaming child built-up anxiety of not seeing me for the day, I’ve setup place notifications when the vehicle is within .3 mi of my office. This usually gives me enough time to pack up and head outside and meet her to prevent said anxiety. On the contrary, if I have the car for the day, she is notified when I leave work.

So, while I could accomplish a similar notification system with hours and hours of making the perfect recipe on my phone, Zubie offers this feature out of the box (or out of the app?). Zubie takes a load off so I can spend more time enjoying that perfect espresso.


Zubie Team Spotlight: How I Zubie by Lauren

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As Social Media Manager, I post about all of the different things you can do with Zubie- from place alerts, monitoring your teen drivers, creating groups, driving scores and much more. But do I really use all of the features in my daily driving? No! There are only a handful of reasons I use my Zubie Key, and I would love to share them with you.

Eliminating a few texts

Receiving an alert when my husband leaves work has eliminated the need for “When are you coming home?” text messages and vice versa when I leave the office (he receives the same alert for me.) I know this type of tracking isn’t for everyone, but we both find it useful and appreciate Zubie serving as our own personal assistant. It also reminds me to stop watching Netflix and clean up the house because I know he is on the way home!

Where’s my car?

Almost every time I drive to downtown Charleston, I am so nervous about parking my car in the wrong area and getting towed. I feel a lot better knowing the Zubie Key updates my vehicle’s location even when it is turned off. Same goes for parking in an airport lot- I can check on my car’s whereabouts when I am miles away from home, which is great. Now if only Zubie could only let me know when I am getting a parking ticket…

Keeping my car healthy!

Since I drive an older car (2003 Toyota Corolla), I really appreciate knowing if everything is running smoothly. I don’t always understand what the mechanic tells me is going on, but knowing I have basic engine reports right on my smartphone makes me feel empowered. I take my car to the best repair shop in town and they think it’s great I have a device like this in my car. While Zubie doesn’t replace my need for a mechanic, it relieves a lot of stress that comes with figuring out the dreaded check engine light.

Unexpected benefits

Recently, someone stole something from my car while I was running an errand. I was trying to remember what time I had arrived at a store and left for home, when I realized looking at my trips in the Zubie App would tell me the exact times. I was able to tell the police and store owners there was only a six-minute window when it could have occurred, and sure enough, they were able to catch the thief on the security cameras! No luck on my stolen items, but having accurate trip reporting was very valuable and a benefit I was unaware of until now.

It will be interesting to see how I use Zubie in the future and what I find as valuable within the app. Our product team is working on some cool new capabilities I can’t wait to use- such as a web version of the app, exporting my driving data to a spreadsheet, and more! I actually like to view the app on my iPad to see everything on a bigger screen (you can download the iPhone version to your tablet and it works great.) While I don’t use the Zubie app every single day, I can’t imagine living without a Zubie Key now that I’ve had one for over six months. It makes my older car feel newer, smarter, and more awesome 🙂

Zubie Privacy Commitment

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Zubie’s Privacy Commitment

Privacy and personal data are topics that have been in the news quite a bit lately. At Zubie, we understand how important the security and privacy of your data are to you — because they are just as important to us. I’d like to take a few minutes to tell you about Zubie’s privacy commitment.

First off, we treat the data we collect for or from you as private and confidential. It belongs to you.

Will we share your personal data for marketing purposes with anyone? Not unless you expressly tell us we can. To explain: Part of the Zubie value is our ability to make you special offers on service discounts, insurance or other incentives. So from time to time, you’ll get a note from us asking if you’d like to take advantage of these special offers by sharing your personal info with one of our partners. If you say yes, we share. If you say no, we do not.

So what do we do with your data? We use it to make Zubie better and we use it to think about and potentially develop new products and features that would be useful.  We also analyze and aggregate data to better understand overall trends. Sometimes, we might share this aggregate data with our partners, but understand that this aggregate information is never intended to identify any Zubie user. This means that we remove information from the data that could be used to personally identify any particular user. This is called de-identification. An example of how companies use aggregate and de-identified data is when you get an email telling you that home prices in your area are an average of $x. The company has looked at trends and made assumptions based on aggregate — not individual data.

Bottom line, we feel very strongly about our commitment to being transparent about how we use your data and giving you the control to decide whether your personal data is shared for marketing purpose. These are the same commitments we as drivers and consumers would want and expect.

Please review our updated Privacy Policy for more information.

The Zubie Roundup at CES

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CES Zubie Roundup


From initial reports, it looks like the Connected Car will be one of this years’s hottest topics at CES. We’re excited to be here, specifically at Booth 80009 in the Gold Pavilion in the midst of all the automotive mayhem.

But given the record crowds expected this week of over 150 thousand, we couldn’t pass up the chance to inject a little mayhem of our own. And if you play along, you just might be one of a lucky few that win a free device and a year’s worth of subscription. Here’s the scoop….

We have released a few deficient drivers to roam the halls of CES and create mayhem with their anti-social and unsafe driving habits. And we need your help rounding them up. They can be identified by the ubiquitous Zubie badges, usually in the form of a sticker worn on the lapel.

Now, all you need to do is snap and tweet a picture of the offending Zubie with the hashtag #ZubieRoundup. Every day we will determine one winner based on the first person to round-up all five (or closest) offenders.

Here’s a little more information about these unsavory characters.

zubie_badge_en_fuego En Fuego – Believes that jabbing the gas pedal fast enough can overcome all limits of time and space.  Also always presses elevator buttons repeatedly.  A transmission’s worst nightmare.


zubie_badge_speed_demonTreats the highways as his own personal Nürburgring.  He can’t drive 65…or for that matter even 70.   Spends life on the passing lane…also his demise.


zubie_badge_night_owlStrongly dislikes traffic and sunlight. Drives a light colored car that matches his pale skin.  Believes that Red Bull has magical powers.



zubie_badge_old_timerDrives a car that’s really been around the block…like several thousand times, or hundreds of thousands of miles.  Loves crank windows and cylinder misfires.



zubie_badge_zubie_nubieThe dreaded new driver. Obsessively focused on the 10-2 position while somehow managing to be in everyone’s blind spot.   Brakes for…well, everything.


Follow us at @GoZubie and Happy Hunting!



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