Getting Started

Ready to connect to the ZINC platform?  Use this guide to get started with account setup, authentication and making your first API call.

Step 1 - Sign up for a developer account

To access ZINC API’s, you must first register for a developer account.  You can use the same login to access your Zubie account.  Already have a Zubie account?  Just sign in to gain access.

Step 2 - Create your Application

After logging in, register your first app.  Simply name your application and set the OAuth callback URL and we will assign a unique client id and client secret for use in the OAuth grant exchange.

Step 3 - Enable your callback url

While it is possible to roll your own OAuth exchange code yourself, we highly recommend using one of the readily available client libraries to stand up your endpoint. maintains a extensive list of available client libraries.

Step 4 - Start Accessing the API

Once your endpoint is available, initiate the OAuth grant flow and generate a token.  As users successfully complete your OAuth grant flow you receive a token to access their data.  You will need to use and retain the token to authenticate all calls to our API.  Check out our API Docs.

Got Questions?

If you still have questions, checkout our Developer FAQ or email us at